Friday, August 9, 2013

Last day in Oman!

Woke up early this morning in order to go to the souq one last time. The las day of Ramadan is called eid. During eid, people shop for new items and at the souq, there are special sections just for eid. So, I saw a very lively livestock sale and many gathering in preparation for this Christmas esque holiday. 

Then a few friends and I went to the Nizwa fort, something I have been wanting to do since I got to Nizwa. 

Then around 1pm I departed from Nizwa and said goodbye to the friends I had become so close to....we ate together, lived together, studied together etc so this was a difficult goodbye. I then took a cab with a few friends to muscat where we were invited by the chancellor of the university of Nizwa to have dinner with his family. We arrived and then immediately following, we toured all of the must see spots in muscat. Then we came back and had a wonderfully cooked homemade meal with traditional Omani food.

The night ended perfectly, with fruit, Omani coffee, and small sweets. 

I will definitely miss Oman, the friends I have made, the hospitality and the close knit community, and most of all, hearing and seeing Arabic everywhere and at all times. 

في المستقبل،آمل أن سافر إلى عمان مرة أخرى

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