Thursday, July 25, 2013

July 25

Today, Thursday, marks the fact that next week is my last week of classes. As per usual, Thursday is our cultural excursion. Our teacher brought little sweets for us, but as it as Ramadan he said "for later." The sweets were small balls of a date mixture and sugar.

After classes were over, we boarded a bus for a town called Adem where we visited the restored home of the ruler back when Nizwa was the capital. These structures were about 500 years old. It's truly amazing to see the architecture of a past time because though there are no people, you can see the different ways of life/daily routines. 

We then visited a small simple mosque made out of a mixture of mud, palm leaves, and the modern invention of concrete. After, we went to a friends house for Iftar where are samosas, fresh mangos and oranges, and other small Omani pastries.

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