Saturday, July 13, 2013

July 12 and July 13

This weekend was such an experience! We left early on our way to sur, a costal town which is home to loggerhead turtles who lay their eggs on the beach. On the way, we stopped at a sink hole, a water filled cavernous space where an asteroid hit many years ago. We then went to the beach and swam in the Indian Ocean which was really exciting...especially because the temperature of the water was refreshing compared to the hot weather we've been experiencing for the past month now. Around 9pm, we headed to the turtle sanctuary where we followed guides, who showed us turtles laying their eggs. It was so great to see animals in their natural habitat. After that, we drove back to the beach and slept under the stars. We even saw 3 shooting stars!

The next morning, we woke up around 6 and were able to walk on the beach while it was still cool outside. On our way back to nizwa, we stopped at a friend's camel farm, where I rode a camel for the first time!

The clearest blue water I have ever seen!

The sink hole created by the asteroid 

The view from sur, the beach town known for the handcrafted wood fishing boats

Our friends overlooking one of very few suspension bridges 

Trying on a masar

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  1. Thanks for the pictures, I hope you post more. Keep blogging :)