Saturday, June 29, 2013

June 28

Today was such an experience.  On our way to the wadi, we stopped in the desert to see what the sand was really like. We also experienced "dune bashing" for the first time. We were in a 4 x 4, going through the sand, where we almost tipped at one point. After that brief stop, we drove 2 hours to a wadi, where we hiked up through a ravine. Between two cliffs, there was a perfect pool of water, where we were able to swim for the first time. We also explored a cave, but decided to turn back after some came back covered in red mud. The clear turquoise water was so refreshing to see, after such a long time without any vegetation/natural water sources. The rock formations resembled those of the Grand Canyon, but the crevices allowed for visitors to hike in smaller areas. We then drove back and ate at a Turkish restaurant, where I had fresh mango juice, grape leaves and falafels. We then went to sleep at 9pm, a new precedent. 

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